Hot date tonight, what and where should I take her!? You’re searching through Yelp and all your friends Instagram account and nothing comes up that really gives you that huge WOW factor! Finding a particular spot to impress your hot date may be a difficult and even quite tedious. I believed a perfect date spot should cover all senses, Visually and atheistical pleasing with not only the presentation of the food but the thought behind the interior of the restaurant. Ears- A good play list that fits the ambiance really heightens any experiences. Smell -That moment when you walk through the front door you are hit with excitement in which increases the heart rate. Which brings me into taste – the moment when it hits your lips and you just have to shut your eyes to enjoy all five senses at the same time.

I incorporated 2 spots thus far that had made me hit all 5 senses.

Hot Date Idea #1 FOH- Front of the House

A pair of sliding doors and fuze ball table, with an old school wooden piano placed randomly in the restaurant. FOH def brings a modern rustic flavor to the heart of Downtown LA.

FOH - Los Angeles, CA, United States Hot Date -

Libation is the key to my heart when it comes to a first date, and I am a girl that is all about the crafty cocktails. So long Jameson on the Rocks, Hello awesome crafty cooky cocktail names!

Some of the fancy libation I tried :

Morning Cartoon” Vodka, coffee Liqueur Cinnamon Toast Crunch Infused Cream

FOH - Los Angeles, CA, United States Hot Date -

Similar to a White Russian, but the cinnamon toast crunch def. makes you feel like your not all about that “Adult life.”

The food is a taken from some of the chef’s famous dishes bought back from their restaurant in Cabo. A favorite of mine is def. the Brussel Sprouts and their Truffle Spaghetti with truffle, olive oil, parmesan cream.

FOH - Los Angeles, CA, United States Hot Date  -

Truffle flakes, need I say more?

And we end here with dessert, none only but Churro Chips with the perfect amount of cinnamon and crunch.

Hot Date Idea #2 Chang’ An Restaurant

You might be surprised that I picked a Chinese Restaurant for a athletically pleasing spot to dine and its located in San Gabriel Valley too?! Living in San Gabriel Valley we are use to the typical whole in a wall spots, with a few stain glasses and dirty tables. Chang’ An wanted to go outside the norm and bring class and elegance to fine dining with Chinese food.

Located on the third floor is where Chang’ an resides, The spacious 2 part room, with the outside  big enough to hold a private party. and the inside hard brick walls that are reminiscent of Downtown hipsters joints. Everything down to the playlist we’re carefully thought out by the couple duo.

The amazing plating of the food, my favorite was their House Salad and their Tofu:

Hot Date Chang An San Gabriel Valley -

Hot Date Chang An San Gabriel Valley -

Hot Date Chang An San Gabriel Valley -

Hot Date Chang An San Gabriel Valley -