Late Night Food Los Angeles

Remember those nights of digging in your closet for the perfect crop top and short skirt, matched with your skin tight boots to hit up a club in Hollywood and then getting obliterate drunk, then searching late night food Los Angeles? Yeah, me neither! What I do remember was the most perfect bite of delicious goodness at 2 in the morning.

Late NIght Food Los Angeles - Hodori's Kimchi Fried Rice
Kimchi Fried Rice

24/7 Korean Food – Hodori

Hodori Restaurant is probably one of the few names that gets thrown around after a night out on the town and is one of the most popular searches for late night food Los Angeles. It’s right in between Downtown LA and Hollywood, and it’s open 24/7 even on Christmas and Thanksgiving too! They have some of the most hardest working ajumma (respectful way of saying aunt/older lady in Korean) I had ever encountered! Hodori has it’s big, inexpensive plates of your usual Korean dishes such as Kim Chi Fried rice with Egg on top, Bibimbap, kalbi (bbq short ribs) and panchan (complimentary side dishes) that would most definitely hit the spot for your tummy. Just be aware of their packed parking lot, especially during those busy late night hours.

Late Night Food Los Angeles - Hodori - Sides
Panchan – Korean Side Dishes
Late Night Food Los Angeles - Hodori Restraurant - Kalbi and Sides
Kalbi and Panchan

Thai Food – TG Express

Late Night Food Los Angeles - TG Express Pad Thai
Pad Thai

Now if you want to just go home because your friend threw up all over the side of your car, but still want to satisfy your hunger, the perfect to-go Thai Food that is open 24 hrs is TGExpress. They have the perfect vegetarian salad and even deliver! I know, who wants salad so late in the evening? If you knew me, you would know that although I am a vegetarian, I don’t like the assumption of all vegetarian’s only option is salad at a restaurant.  “Rebecca Does not ORDER Salad!” Similar to Joey Tribbiani from FRIENDS, “Does Not SHARE FOOD!” With that said, they really have the best Honey dressing that makes up the perfect salad. And if you want something more filling, TG Express has the most delicious Pad Thai. The noodles are so perfectly chewy with the balance of sweet and sour and the crushed peanuts garnish is the “Cherry on top.”

Late Night Food Los Angeles at TG Express - Chinese Broccoli
Vegetarian Option – Chinese Broccoli with Mushrooms and Baby Corn

Just remember this kids, always remember to eat a little bit before you decide to get completely wasted. You don’t want to end up like that guy that slept in the car while others are enjoying some late night food Los Angeles.

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