New Korean Trend – Spider Venom Face Mask

Korea’s beauty routine and beauty products are becoming an international sensation with new trending ingredients that was unexpected from the American perspective to have skin benefits. Even Sephora’s current front shelves feature Korean beauty products and skin care routines including well-known Korean face mask. In the past, there were exotic ingredients used in Korean beauty products such as snail slim and snake venom. The upcoming trend that is about to boom is spider venom.

Korean Face Sheet Mask
Korean Face Masks

A new company called Zion has created their own Korean face mask called ARAGEL, an aesthetic mask that mainly contains Arazyme ingredient which helps rejuvenation, bruise control, reducing inflammation, skin tightening, whitening, and moisturizing.


Korean Face Mask that uses Spider Venom
Arazyme – Highly Active Protease

Arazyme is a highly active protease produced by the microbe HY-3 isolated from the spider in Korea. Arazyme has a relatively high enzyme activity in both ambient and low temperature, in a wide range of pH, and even in high salt condition.

Arazyme is active on various kinds of substrates, and also has some antimicrobial activity against various kinds of microorganisms, comparable with several known antibiotics.

Characteristics of ARAZYME

Spider venom is used for new Korean Face Mask
Korean Face Mask derived from spiders

High efficiency of protein resolving enzyme

  1. High digestive power in room temperature
  2. Ability of resolving protein in low temperature and stability in wide area of pH
  3. Protein digestive power in high salinity concentration
  4. Resolving ability of various proteins (casein, albumin, keratin, collagen, elastin)
  5. Safe biological material without any toxic


Korean Face Masks - Smooth Skin
Arazyme helps soothe skin

Detox – prevent various skin troubles by Arazyme’s anti-bacterial function and anti-inflammatory function

Bio Skincare – vitalize/expedite skin turn-over, making skin clean and tighter

Accelerate absorption of useful ingredients by dissolving old keratin with Arazyme ingredient

ARAGEL Application:

  1. Skin soothing
  2. Reduces inflammation of acne
  3. Reduces swelling
  4. Improves wrinkles
  5. Controls bruising
  6. Whitens skin

Aragel mask sheet is made of tencel so it nicely attaches on the skin and helps keep moisture in.

Watch this funny video about the Aragel Face Mask