How To Wear A Floppy Hat

There are endless possibilities to revamp a look with accessories and other clothing pieces. One of the easiest ways to finish or top off a look is to simply add a hat. Does that sound too easy? With a floppy hat, it can be. Floppy hats have been around for quite some time and is sticking around for a while. Just like denim, floppy hats are one of the most versatile fashion pieces to have in your closet.

There are still some people who are hesitant when it comes to hats. From classic to exotic fashion, floppy hats can be worn with almost anything so there is a very low possibility of mismatching your floppy hat with your outfit. Below are some ideas on how a floppy hat can be worn.

How To Wear A Floppy Hat - Fedora Hat Outfit IdeasChriselle Lim

How To Wear A Floppy Hat - Chriselle Lim

Above, Chriselle Lim is wearing a fedora that is also considered a floppy hat. As you can see, it is simply added to a plain white dress, but a hat makes a difference compared to the dress alone.

Eugenie Grey aka Feral Creature

Ideas On How To Wear A Floppy Hat - Eugenie Grey Feral Creature

In this photo, Eugenie Grey is posing in the middle of a street in South Korea. She wears her hat with an edgy all-black outfit and grey scarf. Her leather back pack matches perfectly with her jacket. The hat is a perfect final touch to the edginess.

Ellen V. Lora

How To Wear A Floppy Hat - Ellen V Lora

In this look, Ellen is wearing a tan suede buttoned skirt with a crop top with a zipper detail. Her simple outfit is completed with a floppy hat which can also be considered as a fedora.

Francis Lola aka Flamcis

How To Wear Floppy Hats - Flamcis aka Francis Lola

This 70s inspired outfit fits well with Francis Lola aka Flamcis. She is wearing brown suede booties with fringe, a high-waisted denim skirt, a cropped white shirt with open sleeves, and a black hat.

Yuki Ito aka YukiBomb

How To Wear a Floppy Hat - Yuki Ito aka YukiBomb wearing a black lace dress with fedora

Yuki Ito aka YukiBomb is wearing a prominent black lace dress completed with a black floppy hat. For full story and more photos, visit Black Lace Dress.