HieuCow – The Cotton Candy Doll

Hieucow wearing Poprageous Dress taking a Selfie
Hieucow taking a selfie

Hieucow (Hieu Cao) is definitely a fashion blogger that you cannot miss on the streets of Los Angeles. Her distinguished feature is her long rainbow-colored hair that (that is always changing colors) looks as though she has different flavored cotton candy on her head. Her fun and colorful personality is what especially differentiates her from the rest. The multiple prints and colors that she likes to incorporate within her Harajuku inspired style give a very anime cartoon style. Hieucow’s blog and Instagram photos are quirky and spills out unicorns and glitter. Even in her blog posts, you can feel her high-energy character within her writing with the many uses of emoji and Japanese writing. This free spirited blogger makes it very entertaining to read her posts. She has been featured on StyleMoi.nu as a fashion influencer and many other clothing brands.

Hieucow wearing Young Hungry Free Backpack
Young Hungry Free

Happy Monday

Hieucow wearing Happy Monday

In this first look, Hieucow is wearing a pink 2 piece dress set by Happy Monday. The white round color makes the outfit preppy while the pink adds girl fun. She has her hair in double messy buns with red lipstick which finishes her final touches of playfulness. As you can see, Hieu likes make her photos fun and kawaii. She likes to use stuffed animals in her photos such as Rilakuma and other iconic Japanese cartoon characters.

Hieucow for StyleMoi

Hieucow wearing StyleMoi
Hieucow for StyleMoi.nu

In this second look, Hieucow is wearing a see-through sweater with flower prints, white bralette underneath by StyleMoi, and she shoes by Y.R.U. The purple pastel background matches very well with her hair and flows with her outfit. The lighting and color popping background of purple, pink, and blue hues is Hieu’s signature style in her photos.

Printed Anime Top – Happy Monday

Hieucow wearing Happy Monday Anime Print Top with Lollipop

Lastly, Hieu is wearing a printed anime top by Happy Monday. The top has female anime characters that are revealing and full of anime fun. Hieu accessorizes her look with her septum and black leather choker.

Check out her IG: @Hieucow