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Hollywood’s Biggest Shek Up Is Here To STAY!

Hollywood gossip never falls short of celebrity shack up rumors, a quick Google search will prove this point. I’m here to give you the inside scoop on Hollywood’s biggest “Shek Up” that was a hot topic at Vanity Fair’s 2nd Annual Oscars Week Social Club (#VFSC).

Vanity Fair Social Club at WeWork Hollywood

Vanity Fair’s exclusive Campaign Hollywood was held February 16th – 22nd, at WeWork Hollywood. Vanity Fair invited leading industry experts, top social media influencers, and select fashion bloggers by BloggerBabes for a week-long social suite that was jam packed with panel discussions, amazing food, non-stop swag, and a full scope of social events and Hollywood pampering!

My most memorable events of the week were the #VFSC Tweet for Swag vending machine and The Business of Social Media panel discussion, moderated by Krista Smith of #NowTrending.

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It’s a Media Revolution

“When I started in digital, it was where you put people that you really liked but thought you should probably fire.” joked panel member Andrew Adashek, Head of TV Twitter. Digital Marketers have since been vindicated and jointly steer the media revolution, so why are we still speaking in combative terms of awareness vs. engagement?

Joint Force Capabilities

I thought the same way most media team members would, I pictured the typical media plan where TV and Online budgets are allocated separately and live on separate line items. Then, with much anticipation, I raised my hand during Q&A and asked Adashek (pun intended) his thoughts on Social Media engagement measuring tools and their ability to surpass TV reach platforms like Nielsen as it relates to TV planning and buying.

#VFSC, NowTrending, Twitter TV, Andrew Adashek

The full panel provided diverse point-of-views with my key take-away being that we live in an omni-channel world where Social Media acts as a force multiplier. It enhances the impact of TVs potential and should be embraced as a collaborative medium.

What does this mean for LA18? Stay tuned for more updates on social media integrations for LA18 local programs and community events!