Planning to buy a complete set of shoe cleaning products? This might sound easy but once you get inside the store, you will definitely feel confused on the various products that you will see which leaves you wondering how to use each of them or if you need to buy all of them.

Getting the right kind of shoe polish materials depends on the type of shoes you have. For instance, sneakers and rubber shoes have different cleaning products compared to luxury leather and suede shoes. Although saddle soaps work on most kind of shoes, this may not work when it comes to your cordovan shoes according to a trusted shoe renewal shop. Their shoe professionals say, do not use “neutral” polish or do not clean cordovan shoes using saddle soap” as they need special care because of their more delicate materials.

Moving forward, here are some of the basic shoe polish materials that you need to keep with you to keep that clean and glossy appearance on your favorite pair of kicks.

Shoe Polish
Basic guide on polishing shoes.

What Brush Do you Need?

As a preliminary step, aside from the brush you need for the surface, you also need a welt brush (you can use toothbrush as a replacement) in order to totally remove any trace of grit out of your shoe welt which is one of the most neglected areas on your shoes when cleaning them.

Polishing Brush

If you have brush for dirt and dust, you should also have a polishing brush which will help you bring out the total shine on your shoes after applying cream or wax.

Horsehair brush is a good choice as this is made from soft materials that is right enough to spread the wax evenly on your shoe surface without worrying about damage and scratches.

Polishing Fabric or Piece of Cloth

Now that you have a polishing brush, it is time to bring out a polishing cloth, this can be lint-free cotton or linen in order to make sure that it can be used on the surface of your shoes without causing any damage because of its light material.

Shoe Cream or Polish

Another essential product that you need is shoe cream or polish. Always make sure that before you buy a wax or cream product, you exactly know the materials and color of the shoes where you will apply it.

Different shoe cream indicates various types of shoes where they can be safe for usage that is why it is very important to check on their label in order not to waste money buying the product that you cannot use on your own shoes.

Sole/Edge Dressing

Protecting the sole of your shoes is also an important aspect in keeping their overall condition at its best. Some thinks that it is enough to clean and polish the surface and can leave the sole as it is but the truth is, soles should also be given proper care and attention.

The edge of your soles usually suffers from scuffing due to constant doorjambs and sidewalks. In order to prevent your sole from getting damaged, put sole dressing and apply through the use of cotton or small piece of cloth.

Disposable Gloves

This may sound not that important but it is actually is. Of course you do not want your hands to get dirty with the dye or color that is why it is important to keep them clean by wearing gloves.

As a simple tip when choosing gloves, choose a pair that is flexible and durable enough that can resist holes or damage even during aggressive pressure when cleaning your shoes.

Storage Box

In order to keep your polishing materials safe altogether, you need an ideal size of storage box.

If you want to get bigger savings, you can also do it your own or ask someone from your home to do a DIY job for this kind of box and just pay for the materials that you will need.

With this set of shoe polishing materials, your shoes will definitely go a long way.

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