Anita Ho! – A Korean American man meets his Chinese American girlfriend’s parents for the first time.

Harry Ho, a down on his luck 30-something finally decides to propose to his girlfriend, Anita on her 30th birthday. But when Anita decides to spend her birthday in Las Vegas with her entire family – the fireworks begin!

See, Anita is a traditional Chinese-American girl and Harry is not Chinese and her parents have never even met him! To make matters worse, unbeknownst to both of them – Anita’s Mom has a nice doctor in mind for Anita, not a broke Harry Ho!

Interview with the cast of the comedy “Anita Ho”! LA18 chats with director, co-writer and actor Steve Myung, actress and co-writer Lina So Myung, actress Elizabeth Sung and actor George Cheung (AKA – Asian Robert De Niro)!

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