Tibetan Mastiff Pokemon - most expensive dog in the worldMeet the Most Expensive Dog in the World – Sold for $2 Million USD!

Say hello to the Tibetan Mastiff the most highly prized dog in China. The average price for a Tibetan Mastiff puppy in the US is just $2,000 but in China a Tibetan Mastiff puppy recently sold for 2 million which was a record high. These prized dogs regularly sell for tens of thousands of dollars to over a hundred thousand dollars.

The popularity of the mastiff in China is due to the rapid rise of the nouveau-rich in China which are nicknamed “Tuhao” – a term meaning “crass rich” in Chinese.

Tibetan Mastiff Best Friend to Chinese rich
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Tibetan Mastiff breeders are scrambling to meet the demands of this swiftly growing population.

These huge noble dogs are a popular way for these newly wealthy patrons to flaunt their riches.

The Tibetan Mastiff is prized by the Chinese for many reasons, one being it’s resemblance to a lion, a lucky creature featured in the traditional Chinese lion dance.

The mastiff is also a intelligent territorial guardian dog that is also social and loves attention from its owners

The number of affluent Chinese, those earning anywhere from $20K to $1 Million, are predicted to double by 2020, hitting a figure of $280 Million.

Tibetan Mastiff Sleeps Through Top Dog Show in China

Tibetan Mastiff Dog Show - most expensive dog in the world

The Most Adorably Huge Set of Puppies Ever

Huge Tibetan Mastiff Puppies - most expensive dog in the world
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Hi, I’m a Bear!

Black Tibetan Mastiff Bear - most expensive dog in the world
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I’m the OG Lion King

Golden Tibetan Mastiff Lion - most expensive dog in the world
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Black Tibetan Mastiff - most expensive dog in the world
Instagram: @golden_tibetanmastiff_kennel