6 Most Stylish Cats on Instagram

Most Stylish Cats on Instagram

Cats are taking over Instagram! At least they are taking over my instagram but that’s maybe just because I follow so many cats on Instagram. Some of the cats are goofy, all of the cats are adorable, but only a handful of the cats are killing it in style! Here are the cats that you need to follow on Instagram. My Kitty could definitely learn a thing or two.

Fin For the Win

Fin is a ginger girl cat with green eyes, apparently this is very rare. Her best friend is her little brother Sawyer. The best thing is that they have a Cat Daddy who loves them to death. How cute is it that so many men are as huge of fans of cats as girls’ already are?! These adorable cuties are almost always dapper with their bow ties in place.

Instagram @finforthewin
FinForTheWin Most Stylish Cat
Instagram: @finforthewin


This adorable fellow has a tree for a nose! AlbertBabyCat is a munchkin cat and he looks gorgeous without even a stitch of clothing on. Its way funnier to see him set up in the silliest of photo sets.

Instagram @albertbabycat



Poor little Sunglass Cat was born without eyelids and has had to endure three necessary eyelid surgeries. His owners rescued him from a shelter at two months of age. Now he is a little internet sensation spreading good cheer everywhere he appears in public!

Sunglass Cat
Instagram: @SunglassCat
Sunglass Cat
Instagram: @SunglassCat


My favorite cat of all time is SnoopyBabe aka the Grumpy Cat of China but so much cuter! Snoopybabe is such a unique looking cat that many people wonder if the kitty is photoshopped but in a videos on the web you can see that SnoopyBabe really looks like a real life anime character! Snoopybabe is a little princess, often bejeweled and always dressed up.

Snoopybabe most stylish cat
Instagram: @snoopybabe
Instagram: @SnoopyBabe

The Winner Is: Nala_Cat !

Nala Cat is another super special shelter cat, she is famous for her goofy “deer in the headlights” expression. She wins not only for her style but for the fact that she has an extensive collection of her own cat accessories including crochet hats, pillows and even a cat shark house! Nala also donates a portion of her earnings every month to animal shelters.

Nala Cat Shark House
Instagram: @Nala_Cat
Nala Cat Pillows
Instagram: Nala_Cat
Instagram: @nala_cat