Jen Jen Lim

Hi, my name is Jen Jen. I am an avid foodie and cook, and find great joy in trying out new recipes or concocting new ones in the comfort of my home kitchen. Home for me now is the beautiful tropical cosmopolitan city of Singapore, which is in the heart South East Asia. Singapore is well known for its diverse cultural and multi-ethnic population, and over time Singapore has been a smorgasbord of different culinary delights. Growing up on this island city means that I get to enjoy the different types of food whole year round. For me, there is always this excitement of discovering a new dish, or a new way of cooking a traditional dish, or simply fusing the tastes of east and west.

Being a mother of two young girls, my philosophy of cooking is that food must be simple, delicious and nutritious. The recipes I shared here are exactly what I would prepare for my family. I hope that you will enjoy cooking these dishes as much as I do, and perhaps to spur you on to create your own signature dishes.

I am also passionate about food styling and food photography. My portfolio can be seen at and contactable at